Event planning services is quite cumbersome because there are so many things you need to manage in order to make the event successful.

You could definitely hire an event planner to do the job for you, however, that will incur some great costs on your part and you might not have the means to pay for such at this moment.

Although it is hard, you can actually plan for your upcoming event in ways that not only help you save money, but also ensure that your guests are going to have a really good time. Here are some tips:

1. Gain Inputs

If you do not have event planning skills before, you can start by creating a thing known as a “pre-event survey”. By doing this, you can have an idea about the event’s direction.

The people who are going to answer the survey are none other than the would-be participants. If you have guests in mind, you can hand out these surveys and tell them to answer it as truthfully as possible.

You can gain insights and things that can really help you create a highly successful event.

2. Determine the Possible Costs

This tip requires you to determine all of the possible things that you need to pay for in order for you to have a successful event.

You could gain some insight using your pre-event survey which usually includes transportation costs, entertainment, and more importantly, the food and drinks.

Make sure to create a detailed list of possible expenses by looking at the survey results.Do not leave any items out and calculate some of it so that you will have an estimate. You could also save some more money if you reserve the venue way ahead of time, for example.

3. Make Use of Technology for Marketing and Promotional Purposes

There are event apps that you can use on your mobile phone that will help make your life easier. These apps have certain features such as allowing you to reserve transportation and hotels.

There are also some that allow you to create real-time polls and surveys so that your attendees can just answer them as quickly as possible and so that they will provide you with feedback almost immediately.

Also, there are a lot of people who use social media nowadays, so encourage them to share their experiences about the event on their accounts as well. This way, you can gain more coverage and who knows, people might laud you for the efforts that you’ve put in.

4. Give Them Event Souvenirs

You want your guests to remember your event and one way you can leave an imprint in their minds is to give them some post-event souvenirs.

They could just be anything like pens, specialized pins, caps, or even tote bags. Anything that has the name of your company or the event imprinted on it.


Planning for a business event can be strenuous, time-consuming, and definitely nerve- wracking. This job is usually reserved for full-time event planners, but in this day and age, you can plan for an event yourself.

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