Social Media

How to Promote Your Music on Social Media

Are you an artist or a musician who want to promote your music but does not have all the means to do it? Head on to social media. There is no better place to market yourself or your new music than this platform.

1.Invite people to like your page.

Set up an artist page dedicated to your music then start by inviting your friends and family members to like it. This feature helps you get more followers and reach out to people who are actually interested in your genre.

2.Curate your Twitter list.

Twitter has a feature that allows you to segment your post depending on who you want to share it with. You can create a list for fellow musicians, then a separate one for managers.

3.Use your cover photo or header image to your advantage.

The header image or the cover photo is the first thing people will see once they landed on your profile. Don’t waste this opportunity to promote your work, especially if you are having an event soon. When you changed your cover photo, your followers will eventually see it on their newsfeeds and that’s a way to advertise without trying too hard.

4.Pin your best post.

As an artist, you surely have a lot of things to share but just in case someone landed on your profile, it helps if they see the best representation of you right away. Take advantage of this to display your most important project to date.


If you want to take your marketing efforts outside of social media platforms, the best option is to create a WordPress blog. You don’t have to be a pro in writing to do this. Just share some stories to your followers. It’s also a nice way to grow your following.

6.Set up a Google alert.

Each time you are mentioned on the web, Google will notify you about it. Just a tip, create a separate Gmail account for this. Don’t use your personal account because you might be bombarded with alerts.

7.Take advantage of inbound advertising.

By utlizing tools such as, you can direct people from a simple post on a social media right to your page. You can do this by creating 3rd party links to your posts.

8.Link your social media accounts to your website.

There is no point in embedding links when it does not direct your followers to your landing page. Make sure that each platform is connected to your website.

9.Make use of trending hashtags to grow your followers.

There’s no need to do this all the time. But when you search the trending hashtags and it is somewhat related to your niche, you can include them in some of your recent posts.

10.Keep in mind that your posts should give value to your followers.

This is the most effective way to keep the fans engaged. When people are actively engaging with your posts, this increases your chances of popping up in their newsfeed.