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4 Common Web Development Mistakes

Mistakes That Web Developer Should Avoid

Since its inception, web development has become a long way. For instance, back in the 90s where the web is still in its infant stages, poor website design is prevalent and there are rarely enough compelling features to truly enjoy the experience.

However, the same cannot be said today. Now, you can use the web as a platform for blogging, sharing different types of content, among many other things.

Despite the fact that web development has changed for the better, there are still some mistakes that are quite common on this day and age, which I will discuss further in this article. I will also provide some ideas on how you can avoid them, so be sure to stick around until the end.

1. Relying Solely on Web Builders

Creating websites nowadays is pretty easy. The days where you have to do the coding yourself are already gone, you can just rely on web builders to create a website of your own.

However, although you can create a website doing it this way, this is not to say that it is a good practice.

You see, these drag-and-drop website builders often provide clunky coding mechanisms that will ensure that your website will be slow to load.

Sure, you can implement as many features as you want, but you run the risk of having a non-optimized website in the process.

Instead of relying too much on web builders, you can simply use a content management system (CMS) like Joomla or WordPress as it offers a better interface and better overall performance.

2. Not Utilizing Responsive Design

We now live in the digital age and we rarely ever use our desktops for browsing the web anymore. In most cases, we use our smartphones and other portable devices to access the medium.

Therefore, it is important for any web developer to ensure that your website works with all of the devices out there as part of the mobile application development. What you should do, to make sure that you use all of the available resolutions today and start writing your media queries from there.

Once that is done, you can then use an emulator as well as a real device to access the website to see if anything is displaying correctly (and running smoothly as well).

3. Sticking to Old Code

As mentioned earlier in the article, I said that web development has come a long way. It has had a lot of improvements and coding is much easier now than ever before.

In spite of the amazing changes, there are still old web developers that use outdated code. You know as they say, “we cling to old habits”.

The best thing you can do as a developer is to start educating yourself with the revised and improved markup elements. This will make your job a lot easier. Also, HTML5 and CSS3 are both the standards now, so also acquaint yourself with that too.

4. Website Not Being Cross-Browser Compatible

We used to rely solely on Internet Explorer to browse the web, but nowadays, we are using a plethora of other options.

It is best that you, as the developer, ensure that your website works no matter what web browser a person chooses to use. Use cloud testing tools to help you find any browser incompatibilities quickly and easily.